Amiibos are Pointless (But I Still Want to Collect Them All)

When the first wave of Nintendo's fan favorite figures launches in late November they will only be compatible with one game - Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Nintendo has assured us that they will also work with future titles such as Captain Toad, Mario Party 10, and the already released Mario Kart 8. But what exactly do… » 10/15/14 6:00pm 10/15/14 6:00pm

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS: The TAY Review

During the good old days of the late '90s and early '00s I found myself fascinated with all things Pokemon and Super Smash Bros. Pokemon was my handheld favorite, an unrivaled series for my on-the-go childhood mentality. Smash Bros., on the other hand, was a game for the family room. A series to play with friends,… » 10/08/14 9:00am 10/08/14 9:00am

Disney Infinity's Marvel Super Heroes, Ranked

A new wave of Disney Infinity madness is upon us this week. The first round of figures for the new Marvel Heroes edition of the well known sandbox platformer has hit store shelves and there are more than enough fan favorite characters to choose from. » 9/26/14 2:20pm 9/26/14 2:20pm

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition): The TAY Review

Toys and videogames - the two have been entertaining the young and young at heart for years and years. It's only in recent times that they have come together in an extraordinary way. The Disney Infinity series isn't the first game to use physical figures to bring characters to life, but it's arguably the most… » 9/19/14 9:00am 9/19/14 9:00am

How Marvel's Greatest Make the Disney Infinity Cut

The Disney Infinity franchise is still in its infancy. Though it may be barely over a year old, the original title has managed to become one of the most profitable new games in recent memory. As of this month over 3 million of the three-figure starter sets have been sold worldwide and even more stand alone figures,… » 9/15/14 12:20pm 9/15/14 12:20pm

TAY Came Up With: Some Better Names for the "New 3DS"

This past Friday I asked for some better names for the newly announced "New 3DS" in my new series TAY Comes Up With. A good amount of great/silly ideas popped up and I've done my best to 'shop some nice logos for them below. You're all winners in my book, that's for sure. Let's take a look, shall we? » 9/07/14 10:00am 9/07/14 10:00am

Smash Bros Themed 3DS XL Hits Stores on Sept 19. Doesn't Come with Game

A leaked Wal-Mart ad has revealed that the Smash Bros themed 3DS XL (which comes in blue as well!) will be hitting store shelves on September 19. It strangely doesn't come with the actual Smash Bros 3DS title, though this isn't the first time Nintendo has released a 3DS around a new game and failed to include it with… » 9/04/14 10:07pm 9/04/14 10:07pm

Swag Brag: PAX Prime 2014

PAX Prime may be over, but my wonderful swag will live on forever. Pins, lanyards, cards and more! There was much to see, do and get at the show, but here are the stand outs for me. The best has to be the Hyrule Warriors scarf and Smash Bros sparring towel. Sadly I didn't manage to get the red Smash towel, as I didn't… » 9/01/14 9:51pm 9/01/14 9:51pm

Tales of the Sixth Grade: Anime Friends

There always seems to be one student who finds a really solid connection with me in the first few days of the school year. It's one of those, "You like that thing? I like that thing! No one else even knows about that thing!" situations that always makes me smile and nod while other students stand by with confused… » 8/19/14 6:46pm 8/19/14 6:46pm